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Your Creative Partner

Specializing in SaaS, DEXs, DeFi apps,
and Fintech Solutions
and much more…

With a decade's experience, I lead a dynamic UI/UX design firm, crafting creative solutions across industries. Our growth keeps us at the forefront, delivering lasting innovation for our clients.

We assist startup founders companies decentralized exchanges crypto wallets small businesses

in delivering aesthetically pleasing and highly functional products.

Brand Identity

Colors and logos are not the only aspects of branding. Your actual voice and the value of your brand must be understood by your customers. You need your messaging to be understood by them. We can assist you in achieving that.


It is useless to have a pixel-perfect website if you are unable to turn visitors into buyers. Your messaging must be clear or no one will recognize the value you offer. We can correct it. We’ll build and design a website for you.

Native Apps

Many applications have attractive visuals that draw the user in, but they fall short of user expectations and don’t succeed online. We conduct extensive research before designing and constructing workable MVPs that put user experience and practical performance first.

No contracts

No commitments. Stay if you like it, and go whenever you want!

Top-notch quality

You can always get amazing design quality when you need it.

Risk-free Revisions

Unlimited free changes at no additional expense.

Unlimited requests

Requests for tasks are unlimited, and you may choose priorities.

Fast turnaround

Tasks are delivered within two to three working business days.

Easy communication

Slack communication lets you share real-time information.

More than Expected

Clear pricing with no twists!

Experience every advantage of our design services.

$2.990/ month
$4.990/ month
$7.990/ month

Payments secured by Stripe

Custom project?

Got a custom project? Have a call with us or send an email if you prefer, if your project doesn't fit into one of the options listed above.

The answers you were looking for!

How much work will I get each month?

It depends on what we’re working on. Usually, you’ll get a complete brand look, a website with 8 pages, or about 40-50 screens for a mobile app.

If you’re running an agency and need website designs, we can design up to 2 Webflow/Framer sites in a month.

Which package is right for me?

It all comes down to your needs. If you are working on a few specialized tasks, our deals are excellent. Have more ambitious plans? Together with some other outstanding talent, our product package adds extra hands on deck, with me serving as your lead designer.

If you want us all in or are thinking long-term, it’s ideal.

What if I run an agency?

Of course! We enjoy working with other agencies. Schedule a meeting, and together we’ll determine how we can best support your efforts.

How fast will I get my designs?

Most requests are finished within 3 business days. Projects that are large or complex may take longer. For every task, we’ll provide you with an approximate time frame and keep you updated.

How does the subscription work?

You may add as many design assignments as you’d like to your queue. We’ll address each item on your priority list, one at a time.

We will email you a design for evaluation as soon as we’ve perfected it. After that, we’ll go to the following item in your queue.

What if I need to cancel or pause?

Not to worry! Anytime you choose, you can stop or terminate your membership. When you’re ready to dive back in, we’ll be here.

Andi Gugu
- Founder of AG Art Studio

With a small but brilliant team with expertise in the SaaS, Web3/Crypto, and Service-Based sectors, I lead a design studio for all your design requirements.

With over a decade of experience in the design industry, I am a passionate and versatile product designer who specializes in creating compelling and user-centric digital experiences. I have a diverse design background, ranging from print to web to app design, and I have acquired multiple certifications in User Interface Design, User Experience, WordPress CMS, SEO, and Google Analytics.

AG Art Studio