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Recent Projects

Web Design & Development

Veterans Valor VA Claims Consulting

Veterans Valor is a pre-filing consulting company that is owned and operated by Veterans and spouses of Veterans. The company’s mission is to assist Veterans in maximizing their eligible VA disability benefits through the development of a comprehensive strategy that is medically, legally, and ethically sound.

Web Design & Development

MiriFX Academy

A Forex academy is an educational institution or online platform that provides training and resources for individuals interested in learning about the foreign exchange (Forex) market. The Forex market is the global marketplace for buying and selling currencies, and it operates 24 hours a day, five days a week.

UI Web & App Design

Design a prototype or wireframes showcasing the main user interface and key functionalities of Paypixl. Present a well-documented design rationale that explains your choices, emphasizing user-centered design principles and the seamless integration of essential features.

Web Design & Development

StormView, a product of Paypixl, was born from our unwavering commitment to aid communities during Hurricane Ian, StormView emerged as a beacon of hope in tumultuous times. Recognizing the pressing need for clear and accurate post-storm property assessments, we pioneered a service that offers homeowners free access to aerial imagery of their affected properties.

Web Design & Development

Sharp Pools & Spas

I crafted a sleek and user-friendly website that highlights the expertise in pool and spa construction. The design emphasizes luxury and relaxation, offering a visually appealing portfolio and valuable service information.

UI/UX CRM Design

Enaia is the powerfully simple CRM and insights platform for commercial real estate brokers. I designed a prototype and wireframes showcasing the main user interface and key functionalities of the Real Estate CRM Solution.

Logo & Brand Identity

Gaia Agro

Creating a logo for Gaia Agro, a business with a focus on agriculture and its connection to the Earth, requires a design that reflects nature, growth, and modernity while keeping it minimal.

Web Design & Development


Founded in 2020, GCCVest aims to span the bridge between the disruptive innovations of Chinese technology companies and the economic and social vigor of the GCC region, to support companies that bring innovative and disruptive changes to the way we live, work, and play.

UI/UX Design


Vacayou delivers wellness lifestyle and travel inspiration to a like-minded community of wellness-conscious people who are invested in maximizing their well-being—both inside and out.

Web Design & Development


Imagine the combination of Hollywood level filmmaking, death defying stunts and fighting choreography together with the world’s premium Cosplayers and their massive global following, at work.

Web Design & Development


Fiberglass, also known as VTR, is a type of plastic reinforced with glass, used in the form of fabrics or wool, and impregnated with resins with thermosetting properties.

Web Design & Development

CREA Commercial Real Estate

CREA is a full-service boutique commercial real estate firm founded and run by brokers who spent their careers at large firms. They operate in specific industries and geographic niches in Los Angeles and throughout the US.

Web Design & Development

AA Multi Composite

AA Multi Compositi was founded in 2011 after having gained important experience in the sector of industrial processing of fiberglass applied to boats, rides, furniture, separate waste collection and agriculture.

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