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Design a prototype or wireframes showcasing the main user interface and key functionalities of Paypixl. Present a well-documented design rationale that explains your choices, emphasizing user-centered design principles and the seamless integration of essential features.

Paypixl was founded in 2019 by Bobby Quinn, who is a pilot, a veteran aerial photographer, and a Part 107 drone operator. After flying drones for the US Navy’s counter-IED program in Afghanistan, Bobby worked as a geospatial analyst for DigitalGlobe and attended grad school at USC’s Spatial Science Institute.


  • Real-Time Booking: Designing a user interface that seamlessly facilitates real-time bookings for drone imaging services was an exciting challenge. We aimed to make this process intuitive and visually engaging, taking into account the dynamic availability of drone pilots.
  • Geographic Coverage: Ensuring that our website and mobile app provided a consistent and visually appealing experience across diverse geographic locations was a key focus. This involved adapting the interface to regional differences while maintaining a unified brand identity.
  • User Verification: Designing the user verification process was an essential aspect of our work. We needed to create a visually reassuring system that verified drone pilots’ qualifications and licenses, while also ensuring user-friendly navigation.
  • Mobile Optimization: Crafting a responsive and visually pleasing design for both the website and mobile app was pivotal. Our goal was to provide a consistent and aesthetically pleasing user experience across a range of devices and screen sizes.
  • Data Security: Visualizing robust data security measures was a significant part of our design process. We needed to convey trust and reliability to users by visually representing secure data handling practices.

Key Objectives

  • User-Centric Approach: Our primary objective was to put the user at the center of our design. We aimed to create an interface that guided users effortlessly through the booking process, making every step visually intuitive and engaging.
  • Quality Assurance: Our design visually emphasized the quality of our services by highlighting the professionalism of our drone pilots and photographers. High-quality visuals and imagery contributed to this objective.
  • Geographic Expansion: We visualized our geographic expansion through location-based features that allowed users to visually explore available services in different regions.
  • Safety Compliance: We visually represented our commitment to safety through clear and reassuring visuals in the verification process, fostering trust in our users.
  • Mobile Convenience: Our mobile app’s design visually mirrored the website’s functionality, ensuring that users could visually recognize and use the app with ease while on location.
  • Privacy and Security: Visual design elements such as privacy icons, secure imagery, and clear data handling visuals conveyed our commitment to user data privacy and security.

Web App  Screen Designs

A web app dashboard is a user-friendly control panel that displays key information and functions, offering a quick and organized way for users to monitor data and manage tasks within the application.

Mobile App Screen Designs

We created a mobile app design for a user-friendly and visually appealing interface for smartphone and tablet applications, focusing on layout, navigation, and interactions to ensure a seamless and engaging user experience on small touch screens.

Mockups for presentation

Product mockups are used across various industries, from packaging and interior design to architecture and digital interfaces. They provide visual representations or prototypes to assess, refine, and communicate design concepts before they are implemented, helping ensure effective and appealing real-world outcomes.

Project Outcome

Client satisfaction is a paramount goal of our design. By addressing these challenges and objectives through a visually pleasing and user-centric approach, we aim to create an interface that not only meets but exceeds our client’s expectations. Our design is crafted to make the Paypixl experience visually exceptional and memorable, establishing trust and confidence in our services through the power of visual design.


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